NZ now has a new Motorsport Park, part completed with a magnificent track and more to follow…….

The Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, is located near the current Meremere drag strip and oval, in the North Waikato, just South of Auckland.

Hampton Downs - Artist Impression

A 3.8 km Lap of Hampton Downs (F3000) – Courtesy Of the FIA Simulated !

The track is clockwise, with the start in front of the pit buildings.

Crossing the start line at 70kms in a rolling start, the car quickly accelerates to 200 km per hour before the track disappears from view as it plunges downhill into the braking area 200 metres from the crest of the hill. There is a huge sealed run-off area on the left and heavy braking is required before entering turn one at the bottom of the hill.

Through the corner at 125km per hour and onto the 750 metre back straight. The F3000 quickly accelerates to a peak of 255km per hour before braking heavily for the tight right hander at the end of the straight. Then there is a flowing sequence of a 75 km per hour left hander, then into a long 110 km per hour right hander that opens out into a 220 km per hour short straight before the circuit dives left.

The F3000 then crests a slight rise and turns left before entering a tight right hander and climbing 7 metres out of the corner and onto a 250 metre straight. This short straight rises to a crest that disguises the 6 metre descent into a wide, tightening, 60 km per hour left turning hairpin.

Blasting out of the hairpin and going downhill for 400 metres towards the sweeper, the F3000 hits 235 km per hour, then brake and balance the car through the 130 km per hour sweeper. Powering out of the sweeper the car starts up the hill for the almost 1 kilometre ‘slightly kinky’ front straight. A top speed of 265 km per hour is achieved while blasting along the plateau between the pits and apartments, before, once again the circuit drops down the hill to turn one below.

And that's a lap of Hampton Downs!

Hampton Downs - Pic 2

For further infomation, click on the banner below to visit the Hampton Downs track website.

Hampton Downs Website

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