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What is a PlayDay?
The event is a track day where you can drive your own car in a controlled, non racing environment at race tracks throughout New Zealand.

You can use these track days to:

  • Test your cars handling and performance.
  • Advance your driving skills.
  • Have an adrenaline fun filled day.
  • Get professional race driver training.

What type of car can I bring?
You can bring any type of car. All cars must be either road-legal (with current WOF ) or a race car capable of passing motorsport scrutineering.
We get a real mix at most days - anything from MX5's to Ferrari's
Please note: All soft top cars MUST have adequate roll protection

We have a group called Playday Prestige for exotic & expensive cars limited to 10 -12 cars. This qualifies for trackday cover if you are insured with Prestigio.

What equipment do I need to bring if I am going out on the track ? 

  • 100% Cotton or fire proof overalls (please ensure they are oil/grease & paint free)
  • A crash helmet in good condition
  • Shoes (not sandals or jandals)
  • Drivers license

We also recommend cotton shirt, underclothes and socks (for fire safety).

How is the day run ? 
The day starts with registration where we will check your documentation and license, this is followed by a briefing which all participants MUST attend. If you miss this, contact one of the organizers for a private briefing as soon as it can be arranged.  

Next, the track is opened for some familiarization laps. These are low speed laps where passengers are allowed in all cars and the purpose is for you to get to know the track.  

Then the fun begins !! Cars enter the track in groups at timed intervals. You choose the speed group you want to be in and can change groups during the day if you wish. 
We are normally on the track from approx 10.00am to 4.30pm and you can stop and have lunch etc when you wish.

What if I have paid and can't go?
Because Playday On Track Ltd has fixed costs such as the track and ambulance hire etc we cannot give refunds but if you let us know as soon as possible we will try to fill your place and then refund you (Or transfer your booking to another event). Alternatively you are welcome to find another person to take your place.

Do I need to book?
Bookings are taken on a first paid, first in basis. Playdays are generally oversubscribed so you will need to book in advance. We do not accept entries on the day. 

What if you think you are too slow and that faster drivers will get annoyed with you?
Most of the faster participants are used to being on the track with a variety of cars and drivers. They are generally very tolerant and all started in the same place as you. There are usually plenty of straights for faster drivers to get past and we have strict rules about where and how to overtake. And remember you can select a speed group to suit you.

What if you think you are too fast and that slower drivers will be annoying?
Please remember that Playdays are not race events but we encourage drivers to group themselves with similar performance cars, fastest first.

Is a Motorsport race license required?
A New Zealand drivers license or a Motorsport license is acceptable.

What if it rains?
The PlayDay will continue rain, hail or shine.  Playday On Track Ltd gets charged for track hire regardless of weather and we have found that it is actually good to know how your car handles in all types of weather.

Passenger Rules

Passengers are only allowed in cars with a Motorsport approved roll cage & a 4,5 or 6 point Harness. This is a Motorsport NZ rule.
The only exception is on the familiarization laps.

What other information do I need to know?
No Alcohol is to be consumed by anyone attending the PlayDay before or during the event.
No young children or animals are allowed at the Pit Lane (Motorsport rule we must obey)

Overtaking, what's the rules?
This will be emphasized at briefing but basically overtaking may only be done under acceleration, never under braking, never after the 200m board & not whilst cornering. So that leaves the straights.

As the cars start around 5 seconds apart if someone catches you they must be faster so let them pass & follow them & you will probably learn something. 

These rules exist as we do not want any cars colliding. No one should go home from a Playday with panel damage.

Drivers will be asked to leave the track for the remainder of the day and will be removed from the database if they are driving in a manner that may endanger other drivers or their cars. 

We want this day to be enjoyable for everyone and as most of the cars are driven to the track we want them to be driven home as well.

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